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All Futures is written by Andrew 'Dee' Harding. I'm a public servant and researcher you could broadly call a geographer. I've developed forecasting algorithms for climate extremes and farming, conducted statistical assessments of Britain's levels of equality, and advised on the ethics and likely impacts of new technologies: working across public policy, socio-economic impacts, and the hard sciences for the last decade and a half. In each case, I’ve specialised in finding risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities to grasp the future. A map often changes the thing it represents, but I'm almost always working to make the unknown territory ahead of us a little bit better. In my downtime I give talks about mathematicians who were also wizards, write for game design every now and then, play cello pretty badly, and produce portfolio-resistant art and design around arcane uses of the internet. I got paid to haunt the (German-speaking) internet one time. My (Québécois) French is alright, but my German is *extremely* bad.


I am almost universally Not Good At Twitter, so if you want to get ahold of me and don't have my work details, the form below is for you. I do occasionally take on a few hours a week for consulting on technically difficult projects. Please get in touch for:

  • on-hand expertise for public dialogue or futures work,
  • helping to solve heavy-math or computationally-intensive problems that tackle tomorrow's thorny challenges,
  • work that uses the internet to make new, weird, art,
  • and lectures on climatology or the history of science and data, with a focus on the 1500s to 1800s.

If you'd like to hear stories about Émilie du Chatelet (gambler!) or John Napier (wizard!), feel free to ask.

I publish all my scientific and policy work under Andrew, and all my art, writing and history stuff under Dee (which I prefer). You can use either, but please don't confuse me by using one for the other, or expect me to be world famous BBC foreign correspondent, Andrew Harding. I have never been to Eyl and he, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't have a doctorate.

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light years // dark days

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Light Years // Dark Days

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I currently work at the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, helping develop the right governance regime for data-driven technologies.

Previous works include:

I'm also a reviewer for Climatic Change, a fellow at Newspeak House, a trustee for Conway Hall, a member of the Heads Of Horizon Scanning network, the Government Science and Engineering, and Geography professions and a board member for the upcoming Environmental Permit Data Service. I'm a UCL alum who's taught classes in Fortran and Geophysics at UEA, Climate Modelling at UoE, and Communicating Climate Change at McGill. My full CV can be found on LinkedIn.

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